Monday, November 14, 2011

This Blank Page

It's Monday morning, and the bright white of this blank page is searing my eyes.  Perhaps that's because I spent the night being interrupted by Elliot and Ozzie.  Elliot watched a show on Sunday morning called Mystery Hunters, which is supposedly for a young audience.  He was intrigued by the "mysterious" aspect but then unnerved by the subject of Alien life forms and the possibility of them hiding here on Earth.  The whole morning was spent discussing his fear and how to manage it. 

Perhaps feeling confident that fear is a manageable emotion, in the evening he decided to watch the Jim Carrey version of A Christmas Carol.  This made me a proud mom, as he has always loved this Dickens classic, yet irritated because I was again reminded that the holiday season looms.

Finally at bedtime, having spent the day filling his mind with aliens and a terrifying ghost story, sleep for Elliot would not come.  So, despite Richard's grumbling, we all piled in our bed and tried to sleep.  After a few minutes, my guys were snoring away, while I attempted to balance on the edge.  Ozzie, feeling left out, decided to join us on the floor, but made sure to keep jingling his tags every so often. 
When all was quiet, I crept into Emily's room.  Then Ozzie followed.  Too groggy to care, I fell into a light doze and then woke again at midnight when Richard carried Elliot back into his room. Upon waking with the sudden motion, he asked for his light to stay on all night. 
After more doggie jingling and finally a short nap, morning arrived.

The only coffee is left over from yesterday.

I know I have plans and expectations for this fine Monday morning, but there's not enough organization or focus between my ears.

 Every day is a fresh start.  Even one that has to begin with stale coffee.

Maybe Monday should begin with a walk in the woods.

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