Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swirling Leaves and Wild Wind

We are having an incredibly beautiful fall this year.  The sunny dry days have illuminated bright reds, yellows and orange leaves that are gathering in heaps around town.  The early darkness is inspiring more dinners with candlelight, and nights of quiet sleep as windows stay shut against the cooler temps.

  This morning I woke early enough to make a dash for coffee before Richard went to work.  Driving with the windows down, the cool fresh wind rushed in while leaves swirled around the road ahead.  Suddenly I realized that my appreciation for life in all it's changing seasons is more complex.  The young version of me would have wished for more sunlight, the older me enjoys the colder darkness.  I passed a runner and thought that it wouldn't be so bad to wake at five am and greet the day before traffic clogs the air with exhaust.  It might be thrilling to run in the dark, and comforting to return and see the light of our kitchen window, where Richard would be waiting.

Today is the day that I plan to reopen the etsy shop after a nice long break.  Today is the day I'll stop procrastinating.

I hope it will be different this time; that I'll make more time to stand in swirling leaves and wild wind.

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