Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rushing the Season

What is the rush?  The day after Halloween, Walmart was playing Christmas music.

This year, I was ahead of the folks at Walmart in the race to Christmas glory.  Our outdoor lights have been up since last year!

Another reason for my happiness today is that in a very small and humble way, I've reopened the shop.  While taking my work vacation, the idea of reopening kept nagging me.  What a relief to just have it over with. It was painless because I've decided to keep things very simple.  During this stressful time of year I intend to offer only what I have already made and not accept further custom orders until after the New Year. 

Lately I've also been thinking about ways to simplify this Christmas.  The thought crossed my mind that I could bake salt dough gingerbread boys for our tree and skip the whole unpacking of boxes in the attic.  In case Elliot would miss seeing some of his old favorites, I could send him up with a flashlight and allow him to go on a scavenger hunt.  And Diane, if you are reading this I can hear you say EEEK! 

Since the Christmas lights are already up, I only have to find an extension cord and plug them in.

I could order a pizza and invite my family to help with all of the Christmas cards.

I could buy our tickets for any upcoming holiday shows now, so that by mid December I'm not disappointed that I missed everything.  

In the end, the big season is going to arrive and I'll never be fully ready for it.  But then I wonder:  

Why are we racing?  With whom are we competing?

This week I'd love it if you would share the ways that you will keep things simple this holiday season. I hope to remember this Quaker saying "don't do something, just sit there!"

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