Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Festive Night for Friends

Holidays are meant to be shared.  In my past, the worst Halloween nights were those when Emily and I ventured out together in search of just the right neighborhood for trick or treating.  I was new to Greensboro and being anonymous meant that there were no invitations and no recommendations for fun locations.

This year there was no reason to be alone. After spending the day making homemade chocolates and carving pumpkins, we donned our costumes and set out for an evening of fun with our friends, who live in a friendly, beautiful neighborhood.  (Our street is a dark county road with no sidewalks, and therefore no trick or treaters.)

The evening was chilly but sparkled with festivity, as people decorated their yards with strings of colorful lights and kid friendly, and some not so kid friendly, decorations.  It felt like a return to the traditional Halloween of my childhood, with neighbors gathering outdoors to share in the excitement of children filling the streets.  Being in the crowd of families made me wonder why we don't close our streets one night every week...or even every month, to let the children play. 

To play outdoors at night has a bigger appeal than candy.  While children will remember the taste and smell of trick or treat goodies, this holiday's real meaning lies in the community it creates.  Halloween brings families with children together with their friends and neighbors.


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