Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hi Again!

Happy belated Easter to all of my awesome friends!  I've missed reading your posts and sharing my thoughts.  So today I'm stopping in for a quick visit to say I'm still here, still alive, still busy as ever but happy.

Things are going well.  I've implemented a new language arts program into our daily school routine and I'm loving it!  Elliot's spelling is improving, and best of all, he now understands how to store his new words into his long term memory.  I gave him a steep challenge, and that was to discover for himself how he learns and what it takes for him to reach the goal of learning to spell words effortlessly.  I explained the difference between short term and long term memory, and that each person has their own way of learning.   He discovered that if he concentrates with focus, he can store those words forever!  Learning how to do this will make his writing journey so much easier.  With the small daily action of intense focus on his words, he will fly!

I'm so thankful that I took some time to focus on this significant part of our lessons.

A strange thing happened while I was away from the blogosphere.  Nearly every day that I was away, people who I know locally stopped by.  Emily was also here for spring break and actually felt like she had to fight for time with me!  She said,  "Mom! You have too many friends!"   In fact I am a little weary from socializing, but I shall never take the people in my life for granted.

In other news, I am having a hair crisis.  I know, right...what a thing to write about.  Last year I made a promise to go gray naturally and to stop artificially coloring my locks.   This is about to change.  The problem is thinning. I finally decided to try minoxodil.  While I was researching this product, it was suggested that artificial coloring will help to give a thicker, fuller look.  Since I'm already using something chemical to alter my hair, I might as well do the deed and give myself some color.  Today I plan to have it cut.  Unfortunately I am a little vain and am tired of feeling bad because of my hair. 

There is one more development on the horizon, which I plan to write about soon.  I've discovered a new term:  multipotentialite.  This term has recently changed the way I feel about myself and is having a hugely positive impact.   Remember all of those posts about my identity crisis and how I could not align myself with my one true calling?  That dilemma is over for good.  I am free.  And you'll want to visit again soon when I explain in more detail...because I have a feeling that several of you are also mulitpotentialites.

I'm going to close for now with pictures of new items in the shop.  I'm now expanding to include matching play clothes!

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