Monday, April 30, 2012

Planning for a Homecoming

In a few days and one month, my daughter, who is no longer a baby, or even a child, or even an adolescent, but who will be an adult (Diane, here I emphatically insert a double EEEEK!) is returning home after four years away at school with her dad.  I have no idea how long she plans to stay with us...a month, a summer, a year?  I know she is fiercely independent like me and really wants to be on her own.  What better way to prepare for this event than by practicing some survival skills in the wilderness?

I'm so excited I could pop.

We are planning to embark on an eighty two mile hike.   In a location that is one of the most wild and free places I've ever truly loved.

At first we discussed taking the mountains to sea trail in North Carolina, but it's not completely finished yet and I would like to avoid roads through cities and towns.  So instead of trying to get to the beach by foot, we will begin there and stay there. I'm not sure how many days I can handle of this....

We might return weary and with an aversion for sand and sun.

It's a risk I'm willing to take.

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