Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tupelo, Honey!

Just when things get so dull that I start thinking about making huge changes, I end up being too busy to implement change.

The idea for the name change is still resting comfortably on a spiral notebook, along with the growing list of accounts to alter.  All of a sudden it doesn't seem so important.  What's in a name, anyway?  Whenever someone might ask "where did you get that?"  they'll answer "oh, I found it on Etsy."  It seems that individual Etsy shop names are so numerous and creative that they get lumped together under the big name.  So that situation is on hold for the moment, because two bigger situations have arrived in my workshop.

Those situations are actual work.

Paid work.

Last week I was delighted to receive a request from the founder of the Tupelo Ballet Company for custom headpieces!

Cinderella is going to the ball, and silver and white unicorns are leading the carriage! Here are a few pictures of the headpieces in progress:

Right on the heels of this order, I've received a note from my good friend Erica who teaches music at an elementary school in Michigan.  For three years she has placed a large order for her spring musicals.  This year, the students are performing Winnie the Pooh.  The list of characters in the cast is long, and with an addition of twenty dancers, I'm going to be sewing every single day for the next month.  Life is good.

It's so good in so many ways.

Over the weekend, Elliot seemed to grow up.  I mean, it's happening in increments every day, but I'm really starting to notice the way his face is filling out.  I'm noticing how his hair is getting thicker and darker.  His eyebrows are fuller.     His body is bigger.  His mind is making leaps and his skills are increasing.  

This weekend, while cleaning out the garage with Richard, he found a pair of Emily's old roller blades.  Even though they are a size too large, he's been out skating in the driveway every day.  His large motor coordination is becoming much better, and he's even able to skate while holding the back of his dad's moving bike. 

Along with all this growth, Elliot has become more helpful around the house without prompting.  He wouldn't want me to post a picture of him with a mop, but I did take one of him cleaning the floor in our dining room/classroom this weekend.  Apparently it was a good decision on my part to not clean so much.  He actually noticed dust on the floor and wanted to get rid of it.      

Next month, Elliot will be speaking to three high school economics classes about Elliot's Ninjas: Helping the Homeless One Ninja at a Time.  He will be answering questions they've prepared through the medium of Skype.  My cousin Mary is a teacher in Michigan and when she found out about Elliot's project, she shared his story with other teachers.  We have been in contact with the economics teacher and are awaiting the student's questions.  If you have any bits of encouragement or advice for Elliot, I will make sure that he reads your comments today.  Thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting his efforts!!!!

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