Friday, September 24, 2010

Discovering Your Personal Metaphors

I needed a day off from "work". So instead of devoting the precious early morning hours to visiting blogs, fb, Etsy, email, or the stack of plush waiting to be transformed, I went for a run.
When I came home, I decided to tend the neglected flower beds. I imagined taking a long bike ride in the afternoon and then taking my son to a local football game.

I'm still going to take that bike ride but before I do I had to write something that may only be important to me. Today I discovered a personal metaphor. I never would have discovered it if I had not been blogging this week.

Blogging helps me see things about myself and my life that a mirror or a camera cannot.
For example, while thinking of the previous post "the blue trailer", and receiving Angie's comment about isolation and a time of growth, I realized in a flash that the blue trailer of my past is a symbol...

or a metaphor.

The blue trailer is a memory rich in detail that I can make use of as a literary device in the narrative of my life. Writing from that source will help me to heal that old hurt and free myself from the power of the painful and pathetic emotions locked in that image.

The blue trailer is a metaphor for all the things I try to hide.

It's nicer to have coffee at my friend's house because then I'll never be embarrassed by my empty flower pots.

The blue trailer is the stack of dirty dishes in my sink. The smelly trash can. My weight gain.
The blue trailer had holes, and mice. Everything inside was worn. The window frames let the cold seep in. It had a terrible rust-colored couch. I had to clean out hundreds of mothballs before moving in. I think the mothballs, even after being removed, permeated everything.
The poplar trees around it blocked out the sky. The sand road imprisoned us in winter and kept people out.
The blue trailer is isolation.
It is full of anxiety about having enough money and food and gas and books to read.
It is all the things I am embarrassed to talk about.

I am so thankful not to be living in the blue trailer. I just need to search for the happy image that will become the metaphor for the life I have right now.

Do you have a personal metaphor?

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