Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Secret Mission and a Mystery Story

Sometimes if one looks up, the sun breaks through the clouds just long enough to see a way appearing. As if by magic, suddenly everything glows.

This Wolf is a Clue for my blogging friends who will play along with me while I weave a mystery.
C'mon, play along, won't you please?

Today was one of those rare days when the path opened up to reveal a stunning and exciting possibility. I'm not quite ready to share my secret intent but will drop hints in the next few weeks.

Today was a big day. I'm so filled with the experience that instead of going to bed I rushed home to talk about it here.

Today was the PBS Kids Go! Writer's Contest award ceremony at Great Wolf Lodge. Our son Elliot submitted a story last year and was invited to attend this big event which included admission to the indoor water park complete with lots and lots of families with children.

This, more than anything, was the reason that today was so important to me and to the future of Knees and Paws. I observed something happening in the midst of the ebb and flow of people. Something I never really noticed before, perhaps because I never had a use for it until now.
This observation (I can't tell you what it is just yet) means that I am no longer going to worry a single bit about advertising on television, the internet, radio, print ads or billboards. No more fantasizing that some day, when there's a budget, I'll do a big marketing campaign. No. No. and No. Because I observed something about human nature I am going to do something very specific and it's going to work. I am sure of it beyond a doubt. You, my blogging friends, get to watch it unfold.
By the way, for those of you who have been reading from the start: THE PATENT APPLICATION HAS BEEN WRITTEN AND SUBMITTED! I even enjoyed writing it but am thankful to be going back to my less structured and detailed activities. Please keep sending me your positive intentions and energy for success.
To send you off on your way, here are some pictures from our fantastic day.

Read A Roo giving us the finger as we walked into the awards ceremony.

Many of the kids wanted to plug Great Wolf Lodge and UNC TV by saying thank you for this great event. It will be exciting to watch this when it airs.

Isn't Betsy adorable?! Elliot didn't want his picture taken with the characters but I had to steal a shot of one of my favorites.

"Kit Cat" and Elliot after lunch. They really just want to go to the water park.

I really can't think of anything sweeter than a bear with a big cupcake on his head. Except maybe their smiles!

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