Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knees and Paws plays Show and Tell with MOO

One day while gathering important advice from the gang at Etsy I stumbled upon MOO. At the time I was struggling with the tedious act of explaining Knees and Paws.

I mean, it takes too long to say this: I am the inventor and designer of Knees and Paws. Knees and Paws are hand and knee coverings for kids who love to crawl around playing cats and dogs. They are made of soft plush and kids love them!

My elevator speech makes me seem like a fruitcake.

In the last year I have been incredibly blessed to discover that there are kids out there who actually use and love my product. But none of those customers learned of Knees and Paws on a business card. My original business cards were a waste of paper (sorry little tree!)

The name of my product makes it look like I have some kind of pet care business. I mistakenly stamped the original cards with puppy faces and paws prints. Passing these cards around did nothing to explain what Knees and Paws are, how they look and how they are being used by children.

MOO saved me from my dilemma by allowing me to SHOW my product first, then TELL about it later.

I use these cards as a visual aid in every casual conversation I have about my work. I mail them to my customers. I am planning to order many more for a Knees and Paws display at a local fundraiser.

Because of the fantastic photographic quality on my MOO cards, I feel better about presenting my business locally. In fact I feel really excited to share it with others. Thanks, MOO. I love you.

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