Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raw Materials

Do you ever wonder why God decided on clay as the raw material for forming humans? Perhaps it was because clay is easily molded. It's basic structure and pliability makes it endlessly variable.

In one way, God and I think alike. I like raw materials and experience a deep satisfying pleasure of making something from scratch. Although it takes time, growing flowers and vegetables from seeds I've planted or a baking the perfect loaf of homemade bread send happiness bubbles through my veins. I love how formless "stuff" can be turned into beautiful, delicious or sustaining things.
Recently I discovered an old yellow laundry basket full of wood blocks at a flea market. They were just like the ones I had as a child. Although I'm teaching myself how to save and have money, they were completely worth the five dollars I spent. Taking them home and spreading them out on a rainy afternoon with my son was the most fun I've had in a while.

We pretended all sorts of things. We built houses and barns and roads. He was delighted that I spent the whole day playing and creating from our imaginations. I discovered that we both share a love of building and creating together.
So if there is a new personal metaphor for my life right now, I think it might be "raw materials".
It fits with the process of building a new business and a career for myself from scratch.

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