Saturday, January 8, 2011

3D Glasses Aren't One Size Fits All

     Today, for the first time in weeks, nothing happened.  Well, nothing as in the TV, washing machine, and pipes did not break.  The power did go out for a moment and the dog did chew up a custom order I was working on, but other than that, it was an exquisitely ORDINARY day.  It was so quiet and peaceful that we  were able to go out to the movies like normal people.  We decided to see TRON in 3D.  We ordered the large popcorn and two drinks that were too heavy for a six year old to carry.   Even with my sore throat and sniffly nose, I relished the taste of  buttery, chewy puffs of golden awesomeness and washed it down with nearly a two liter of cold, fountain Coke.  Having sworn of soft drinks in my attempt to lose weight (I gained 15 pounds anyway)  I really enjoy soda pop when I'm sick. Secondary to the experience of theater popcorn and fountain soft drinks, the movie was also entertaining.  I was entranced by the light show and loved that it was  a commentary on the error of perfectionism.  My favorite line in TRON is "perfection is unknowable."

He wore the child size glasses for the entire 127 minutes of the show.
And although it was a perfectly ordinary Saturday, my husband realized that 3D glasses are not one size fits all.

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