Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Out of Here

      This was taken on our way to Kansas City, Missouri to visit my husband's family.  It reminds me to think about the feeling of driving on the highway at dusk.  It reminds me to plan more outings.  The house may be a cozy, warm, safe place to spend this unusually cold winter, but cabin fever has set in. 
      I realize that this blog needs to get out more too.  Looking ahead, I plan to take pictures of all the places we love to visit in our city and beyond.  Perhaps I'll discover something new in the ordinary, or something unexpected.  What do you do to stay happy and healthy during winter?

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  1. One thing that we love to do.. and being a stay at home mom it keeps me from getting cabin fever too bad... is geocaching. Not sure if you know about it or not but it is pretty much a really cheap... education... fun thing to do. Very family orientated and you can learn a LOT about the place you live and the places you go. All you need is some gas in your tank and some sort of gps. it is free to go have a look... free to use the is like treasure hunting... I won't go on too much here.. but feel free to ask me any thing. I have some blog posts about it too


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