Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We've lost a somebody, not a something.  A somebody who hugged us.  Who spoke to us.  Who listened.  A somebody who shared popcorn with us.  A somebody who gave therapy to the sick and comfort to the lonely.  A somebody who brought perfect strangers together.  A somebody whom we cannot imagine living without.  But now he's reunited with my dad, his beloved human companion.  He won't suffer from long term illnesses or the pains of advanced age.  He went out walking, equipped with all his senses and joy for life.

It's a heavy, soul dragging loss.  Bear was my brother.  He cared for my parents and my children.  He would lay his great big brown head on my lap and leave it there.  I can feel his warmth and his comfort still.

He never spoke a word to me, except to say "home" or "hunger" in his deep, chocolate lab baritone.

I think my father must have been calling him.  He went outside last night and walked all the way to the dairy farm and never walked back.  There was a man in a car who didn't see him in time.

It's no one's fault.  Accidents happen.

And I am grateful for his life because we were blessed with a family dog that was more than just any family dog.  After I was attacked by our neighbor's dog, Bear was the only canine I could trust.  He helped us prepare room in our hearts and our home for Ozzie.

He helped us launch Knees and Paws by being the canine actor in our first commercial.

Bear earned a special certification as a therapy dog and visited people in hospitals and nursing homes.

He comforted us and grieved with us during Dad's cancer and death.

Bear was there when Elliot got on the bus for his first day of First Grade. 

He was my mother's closest companion and now her house will have miles of space that can never be filled.

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