Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Mail

Our family has grown!

In fact it has always been bigger than us, but now we are blessed with the daily presence of our friends.  I'm now providing after school care in our home for three kids who've always been a big part of our family. 

It's a mutually supportive situation, as sometimes Elliot gets lonely in the afternoons.  But sometimes there's also sibling rivalry.  So Elliot and I invented "Happy Mail."

Happy mail is something that each child gets to open at the close of the day, when Mom has arrived to pick up.  If everyone treated each other with kindness and respect, then there will be something inside the mail box.  A pack of gum, trinkets, coupons and "happy notes" are all things one might find.  But if someone forgot to use kindness and respect, at the end of the day, the mail box will be empty.

Today I'm asking for your help to add ideas to what I might put in the happy mail boxes.  The novelty might wear off if I'm not continually original!  

With the extra hours being filled up, there might be a delay in my visits to your wonderful blogs, but please know I still care!

I hope everyone gets "happy mail" today, because blogging friends practice the golden rule more than anyone!

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