Sunday, February 5, 2012

New and Improved!

It's new! It's improved! It's Knees and Paws in a basket!  The following is a series of images of a set that I've created to send to the Bearable Gift Program for the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation.  After discussing the complicated issue of packaging with Richard, we came up with a solution.  Since I am now able to make stuffed animals, we imagined a puppy in a basket style dog bed with the various Knees and Paws components underneath.  The completed package will arrive looking like this:

And when it's opened, the contents are layered as follows:

My "work" focus is now shifting to the process of duplicating this package in various forms for each set of Knees and Paws in the Etsy shop. 


Perhaps I should save the next bit of news for a future post.  But something wonderful is happening in Greensboro and I get to be a part of it!  Some of you might remember my emotional post after discovering a Ben's Bell last September.  My bell is a treasured gift and the story behind it has stayed with me.  Imagine my delight at discovering that the Art Alliance of Greensboro is organizing a Ben's Bells workshop, open to the community!  I just received the confirmation that Richard, Elliot and I are now registered for the event.  It will be a day spent together making the clay parts for the bells.   After they are finished, we may be invited to distribute the Bells throughout the community.   Here's a picture of my beautiful Ben's Bell; it hangs in my kitchen and has been a great conversation starter, as well as a reminder to spread kindness to perfect strangers. 

May you be blessed with kindness every day!


  1. Oh, Jenny, that set is adorable and ingenious! It is overwhelming to think of how many lives you are going to impact with this basket of love. I can just imagine the looks on their faces when they open it...what utter joy!

    I love the Ben's Bells project- and how meaningful the three of you will get to be a part of it. It's truly a beauty of an idea.

  2. Your package is beautiful, Jenny, clearly done with much love and careful attention to detail. A perfectly delightful gift to light up the heart of any child, anywhere. I loved your post on Ben's Bell when I first read it and am thrilled to hear you'll be involved in making up the parts. What a fun way to spend quality time as a family and to potentially help enrich the lives of many who will be lucky enough to find one of their own. It's such a super idea and a novel way to spread light and joy.

  3. The dog bed basket is cute as can be and a wonderful idea. I read a quote the other day from the late Don Cornelius, the founder and host of the highly successful, long running TV music/dance program Soul Train. He said that once you come up with a great idea the idea sells itself. The Ben's Bells story is touching. I believe in the ripple effect. I might not change the world but it's exciting to think that I might influence the person who does.

  4. oh jenny, you so are talented! your dog set is adorable i can just imagine the joy you'll be bringing to these children. plus, the ben's bell project is going to be wonderful! you go, girl!

  5. Your new packaging looks wonderful. Any child should love to get such a fun gift. I wish my kids were younger so I could buy Knees and Paws for them. Hopefully you will still be making them when the Grandchild Fairy leaves me a grandchild.


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