Sunday, February 5, 2012

New and Improved!

It's new! It's improved! It's Knees and Paws in a basket!  The following is a series of images of a set that I've created to send to the Bearable Gift Program for the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation.  After discussing the complicated issue of packaging with Richard, we came up with a solution.  Since I am now able to make stuffed animals, we imagined a puppy in a basket style dog bed with the various Knees and Paws components underneath.  The completed package will arrive looking like this:

And when it's opened, the contents are layered as follows:

My "work" focus is now shifting to the process of duplicating this package in various forms for each set of Knees and Paws in the Etsy shop. 


Perhaps I should save the next bit of news for a future post.  But something wonderful is happening in Greensboro and I get to be a part of it!  Some of you might remember my emotional post after discovering a Ben's Bell last September.  My bell is a treasured gift and the story behind it has stayed with me.  Imagine my delight at discovering that the Art Alliance of Greensboro is organizing a Ben's Bells workshop, open to the community!  I just received the confirmation that Richard, Elliot and I are now registered for the event.  It will be a day spent together making the clay parts for the bells.   After they are finished, we may be invited to distribute the Bells throughout the community.   Here's a picture of my beautiful Ben's Bell; it hangs in my kitchen and has been a great conversation starter, as well as a reminder to spread kindness to perfect strangers. 

May you be blessed with kindness every day!

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