Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What have I seen that I can't forget?

What have I seen that I can't forget?

I have seen hot air balloons fly over my head in our back yard in Michigan. Ballooons so close I could hear the burner and the people talking.  This happened several times during my childhood.  We lived near a huge field that was a regular landing spot for the Captain Fogg Balloon company.  The grass was green and soft under my bare feet as I ran to follow the floating orb of red and blue, feeling like Alice when she's small.  I remember lifting up my arms and waving like mad to the people inside.  They used to wave back. I wished that I could keep running with them, but a busy road prevented me from crossing into the field.  I think I might have been disappointed to see the deflated result. 

Every year after the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone had dried, if it was my turn to wish, I wished for a hot air balloon ride.  I have never achieved that dream, but being so close to the balloons when I was a child was an experience that lifted me over the trees in my imagination.

Sometimes I would dream that I had the power to fly.  With outstretched arms I had the sensation of soaring above the tops of trees that were in the peak of summer, fully rounded out with green.  I flew over a white chapel with a steeple (now that I think of it, that chapel has appeared in my work!)  Near the end of the dream, the sensation of flying became a little scary as I approached the ground.  Everything got closer and it seemed that my speed was increasing rather than slowing down gently.  But somehow I was able to regain control and land on my feet without dying.  I'm not sure if that dream is something I've truly "seen" but I can't forget it.

That dream is something that connects me to hang glider pilots everywhere.  After my first lesson, the instructors said that they rarely see students who are able to get much lift or land their first flights.  They asked me if I flew in my dreams.

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