Friday, May 18, 2012

The Art of the Yogurt Sandwich

The yogurt sandwich is not a new recipe I'm promoting during my recent weight loss effort.  It is what you eat when you are seven and beginning to understand that you are capable of feeding yourself.  A yogurt sandwich that also includes a thick scoop of peanut butter is even better. The way to make a yogurt sandwich is to take two pieces of soft white bread and lay them side by side.  Spread a thick layer of peanut butter on one piece, and top with any kind of yogurt you have available.  In this demonstration, Elliot chose to use strawberry Gogurt, which he squeezed from a tube. He claims it's delicious, but I have to take his word for it.  I wonder if we should start a foodie blog?

If you ask Elliot how it tastes, he'll reply "yougurty!"  A yogurt sandwich helps restore your energy when you've been deeply immersed in learning new skills.  Like how to design and print your first t shirt.

Elliot wore his t shirt all day, and also in the evening when we went downtown for a delicious meal at McCoul's Public House.  It was our first experience at McCoul's, and we enjoyed it so much that we plan to return.  We were able to sit outside on the roof top dining area, while the warm evening breeze lifted our spirits and relaxed our minds.  I probably should have asked for a yogurt sandwich, but could not resist the fish and chips.  They were delicious!  The portion was not so big to inspire serious guilt.  Elliot enjoyed a beautiful little hamburger with a wheat bun, and Richard chose the Sheppard's pie. Below us there was another outdoor dining area that sparkled with multicolored lights and big gerbera daisies.  The atmosphere was jovial, not rambunctious or out of control.  Richard's smile kept showing up throughout dinner, and that was the best part of the whole evening, topping even the beautiful pink sunset and the sight of Elliot spontaneously dancing a jig on his way out.

After that happy, relaxing experience, we headed over to our favorite place for coffee and sweets at Cheescakes by Alex.  I had  coffee and no dessert, as nothing on the menu is lactose free.  It's getting easier for me to resist all the things I cannot digest.  All I have to think about is that sometime later I can choose a small treat and that seems to silence the needy child within.

On the way out, as we walked back to the parking garage, a drunk man called out to Richard for a heart to heart chat.  If you knew Richard, you would know that he never turns his back on someone, or treats them with disrespect, unless he is being disrespected, and even then he manages to find a way to make himself understood without escalating the problem. I have watched him respond with kindness and compassion because this gives him joy to do so, not because he is trying to set an example or to shore up his image as a nice guy.  He genuinely cares about people no matter what kind of condition they are in.  This man was in the kind of condition that kept him swaying as he walked, and slurring as he talked.  His eyes were bloodshot, but he was soft spoken and did not try to intimidate us.  He just said, "hey man, can I talk to you?"

So Richard talked to him while Elliot and I stood to the side.  The conversation turned to Elliot's t shirt, and Richard was explaining what it meant.  I think the man was actually too drunk to read the letters, but he understood after Richard explained that his son was working to help the homeless.  At that moment, this inebriated man's posture changed.  His shoulders relaxed.  He stood steady for a moment and looked in all of our eyes.  He said, "for real?  for real?  God LOVES that."  Then Richard gave him a quarter...and explained to Elliot that even though giving money is normally not the best thing to do, the quarter was not enough money to get him into trouble.

So we are waking up this morning and it's Richard's day off.  We plan to enjoy it fully and also spend some time preparing for our camping trip in Michigan.  It's nearly time for Emily's graduation and we're all looking forward to our next adventure.

I hope you have a weekend full of the things that make life sweet.

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