Sunday, May 27, 2012

Talking to Fireflies

Last night, under a brilliant crescent moon, Elliot talked to fireflies. 

He talked to them using an LED tea light, flicking the little switch on and off. They responded with their own light signals, flying close and hovering, curious and hopeful.

Earlier in the day, we moved our home school classroom to the back porch, and now look forward to our summer schedule of reading, immersing ourselves in nature, making art, swimming, traveling and entertaining.  Soon we will be in Michigan, celebrating Emily's graduation.

We are looking forward to campfires, starlight and gentle breezes.  We are impatiently waiting to see my mom, my brothers and of course, Emily. Elliot is looking forward to a wilderness hike on North Manitou island, a place once inhabited and now deserted except for a ranger station.  We're all looking forward to dining at an amazing restaurant called Old Hamlin, where the fried chicken is the most divine food we've ever eaten. 

We'll be kayaking, tent camping, fishing, swimming and hiking with my family and Ozzie too.  It is my favorite time of the year.

The writing I'll be doing will be on paper with pens.

The only thing I haven't packed yet is a good book, although I just ordered Fifty Famous Stories Retold for Elliot.  What have you read recently that you couldn't put down?  The last novel that kept my emotions engaged was The Help.  I would love to find one with that level of depth and quality for my summer reading list.

Maybe this time I won't need a book.  Maybe this time, a book would distract me from my loved ones and from my revitalized appreciation for the northern climate.  It's always good to go home.

While we are away, Elliot and I will be closing our Etsy shops, with the intention to re open when we return.  When I am back, the push to stock up Knees and Paws in preparation for my biggest season will be in full gear.  Elliot has plans to keep painting for the homeless men in Tent city and may even have a chance to bring his gifts to them in person. 

So I will say a little goodbye this morning, with gratitude for your friendship and anticipation for what is to come.



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