Friday, May 11, 2012

Elliot's Ninjas: Helping the Homeless One Ninja at a Time

Dear Friends,
It is my pleasure to announce that today is the grand opening of Elliot's Ninjas.  As you may remember, our son Elliot has been deeply concerned about the homeless men and women that he sees every day on the streets and in the parks of our city.  For weeks he has been thinking of ways to help.  Recently he discovered that besides building with LEGO, he loves to paint.  In fact, he loves to paint ninjas.  Yesterday morning, he told me that he wanted to open his own Etsy shop and sell his ninja paintings so that he would have funds to donate to the homeless. 

We have chosen two non profit organizations in our area that would benefit from Elliot's mission to give funds and supplies.  These are the Pathways Center of Greensboro, a shelter that serves homeless families, and Street Watch.  Street Watch is an organization that collects items such as tents, sleeping bags and necessities for those homeless who are waiting for openings in shelters.  Elliot will have an opportunity to purchase supplies for Street Watch that will go directly to the camps.

Without further ado,

Here's Elliot's Ninjas!

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