Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Kitchen Remodeling Project

Last summer, a water line burst under the dishwasher, causing this:

So, we did what many people do.  We fired the contractors who tried to fix our situation.  We went to the beach for a week while enormous fans dried the floor.  We came home, plugged in the microwave, and proceeded to fix this mess ourselves. 

     It wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be. Our shared goal to eat our own cooking again was what helped us see the project through. Eating fast food, frozen entres and sandwiches showed me how much I enjoy preparing meals for my family.  The experience has led me to be more thoughtful  and appreciative while performing what used to be a dreaded, daily responsibility.  
     Going for months without a fully functional kitchen also boosted me out of the same old hot dog-hamburger-pizza-chicken-spagetti menu rut.  My family has been eating that boring stuff without complaint for years!  It's the same stuff I used to make in college 20 years ago.  I'm happy to report that now  we are eating a more varied diet.  I have been expanding my thoughts about food and experimenting with new recipes.   


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