Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What to say on those Bio- thingies

I struggle with knowing what to BRIEFLY say about myself on those bio-thingies.  It was suggested to me that I might want to revise my Etsy bio.  I'm glad that I looked at it again because it was a terrible paragraph about the product that said nothing about me, the person.
It now looks like this:

I'm the mom of two great kids living in the second best city in the USA.   My husband works on airplanes all day while I homeschool our youngest.  Most days, we enjoy working on science projects, reading books, playing with the cat and dog and hiking the nearby trails.
Two years ago,  I lost my father to cancer.  This event helped me to realize that it was time to take a more active role in shaping my life.  Knees and Paws were created during that terrible time when dad's cancer made us all feel helpless and sad.  I needed something bright and hopeful to fill the void.


   Today I also read Esquire's interview with Liam Neeson.  He shares that he ran away from his grief after losing his beautiful wife, Natasha Richardson.  He says that burying himself in work only delayed the grief.  Unexpectedly, he has developed a close relationship with Natasha's poodle.  While in the city,  he's afraid to be photographed with the dog, but on the farm they are inseparable.  Two friends brought together in their loss.

It helped me to remember that I'm not sure that I've properly grieved my dad's death.          

So I don't know if it will one day smack me unexpectedly.   Perhaps I have been defiant and in denial. 

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