Thursday, August 4, 2011

Basics Matter

Dear Friends,
Today I said  that something good was going to happen.  I did not know what this might be.  I merely kept my mind and heart open to the idea that something good would come my way.  
Recently I've felt a connection to the inspiring tweets of Sweetie Berry.  If you enjoy twitter, I recommend following Sweetie.  She'll make you feel good about your potential for success in life and work.
She's sweet like her name, but not artificially so.  I find her philosophy to be inspiring and intelligent.  She has values that I appreciate. 

Today, Sweetie wrote about Knees and Paws on her blog, Basics Matter.   Her post helped me to see potential uses for my product that I had not previously considered. In particular, she suggests alternate uses for Knees and Paws in educational settings.  Her recognition of these uses has energized my purpose in going forward with my endeavor.   While I read her kind words, I was reminded  of a conversation I shared with Richard.  We were in our final week of preparing the Patent Application.  Richard mentioned that the activity of playing cats and dogs in childhood is not just for entertainment.  He believed that kids who pretend to be pets are having fun but also learning compassion for animals.  In the act of pretending, children shift in an out of different perceptions.

Sweetie writes,

" Our Madison, at 15, works with young pet owners to train them to treat animals with respect and she has already put in her order this morning for a set of these wonderful enhancements to her presentations."

In addition to writing about Knees and Paws on her own blog, she  has also agreed to be a guest writer here.  I look forward to sharing my new friend with all of you! 

Thank You Sweetie! You made my day!

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