Thursday, August 11, 2011

Confronting Age Through Self Portraits

The truth about fear is that it goes away when you confront it.  I'm afraid to age.  This is one of my secret anxieties.  There are three things that help me to walk on this path of growing older.  The first is to take a walk or a run every day.  The second is to occasionally take pictures of myself without make up.  The third is to keep moving forward with my decision not to color my hair.  Recently I was introduced to a young woman who had made this choice.  Her decision to go gray and to be her natural, authentic self had the effect of highlighting her youthful, happy face.  Instead of having young looking hair with an older face, the old looking hair made a stunning contrast to a young face. 

So in order not to be afraid of growing older, I'm going to share a few of the self portraits I took this month.  They are unedited and taken in the morning light on my back porch.

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