Saturday, August 6, 2011

Something Good

Magic words for happy living.  Say them.  Right now.  With no plan for making it so.  Say

"Something good is going to happen today"

Then let your heart and mind be open to the possibility.  Something good is going to happen today.  I don't yet know what that will be.  Yet it's an uncertainty I can live with.

Isn't it always the "not knowing" that we find unsettling as adults?  We feel a constant need to produce outcomes, a need to plan, prepare and organize.  A need to take control of our lives.  Planning is our way of seeing the future.  We create expectations and execute the actions toward meeting a goal or deadline.  This is the training we have been programmed to act out.

Even though I am the inventor of Knees and Paws, I don't see myself as an executive.  And executive executes.  Execute conjures images of execution, of hangings in the wild west or of medieval France and the guillotine.

It's true that sometimes I entertain a fantasy in which I wear beautiful business attire and work among professionals in a climate controlled office with big windows and potted plants.  In this vision I have an office with my name on the door and a wastebasket that the housekeeper never has to empty because I remember being the housekeeper once.

Something good is going to happen today.  I won't be walking into the fantasy office.  It's Saturday.  Today I get to enjoy our comfy home with my beautiful children.  I am blessed with time to work on creative projects and to write this blog.  I might take a walk or catch a double feature at the drive in theater.  I'm not really sure how everything will unfold.

Something good is already happening. 

You are here.

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