Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Quiet Thoughts

These beautiful deer arrived in our neighborhood just before sundown. Emily took these photos while I watched the fawn eating an apple, tossing it around playfully.  It reminded me that animals in the wild engage in play.   Currently scientists are researching these occurrences in nature to gain insight into the role that play has in our lives.   Perhaps it's quite obvious to us that play naturally heals our self destructive tendencies, but our overworked culture ignores ideas that don't come with the stamp of scientific research.

Perhaps the fawn's play was a reminder for me to slow down and relax. Lately I haven't felt inspired to play.  This has to do with the discovery of a job opportunity.  After spending many tense hours working on my resume, I realized that I am not qualified for the position. The job title was "Digital Communications Coordinator"  which would have been a good fit for my degree in English.  I was excited about the idea of writing for a college website. However, I felt I was unqualified for the additional expectation of managing the institution's intranet.   I have no formal training in the digital part of communications. I have no idea how to describe my skills in the necessary terms. There is no time to meet to meet with someone before the deadline, which is today. I'm letting it pass and I don't know if I'll regret this decision.

I also realized that even if I were hired, I intend to keep moving forward with my business.  I want it to someday take me places and challenge me to be more actively engaged in life. 

All this was going on in my head when I remembered that there are less than twenty days before Emily returns to school up north.  She'll be a senior this year. I have less than twenty days to tell her how much I love her in person.  To be here at home with enough energy and time to enjoy living together.  I'm sad that we have to start making plans for her return. 

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