Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is full like this

Life is full like this...

Full like driving around with Emily, trying to catch the light of the golden hour.
And her laughter.

And discovering that since we'd last visited Guilford's campus, artist Patrick Dougherty created this fabulous stick castle.

 Like remembering that we were mad at each other in the early afternoon, but finding a way through the mad to the good, happy place we hold in our hearts.

Life is full like this.

Full of images.  And Memories.

Of simple, unplanned moments stolen from the daily grind.  Shared moments stolen from our compulsive, habitual living.  

Something good is going to happen today.  I expect it to.  I believe it will.  I know it's happening right now while the house is quiet and my children are sleeping.  
But sometimes in saying these words, I find myself facing a dilemma.  Is it self deception to continue to wake up every day with this intention?  We are currently in the midst of a family tragedy.  On the day that I wrote the "something good" post, Richard's nephew died unexpectedly.  It has become difficult to keep up my Pollyanna cheeriness.   It's a devastating loss and I have no idea how Richard keeps going on to work, functioning and hurting and wanting to be at home with us while wanting to be home with his family.  I understand that torn feeling and the confusing vertigo.    We are praying that God helps make a way for him to go. 
We are remembering to enjoy the smaller moments that make life full.   Remembering to notice the good that keeps popping up in every day, even when we are sad.  


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