Friday, September 9, 2011

Generous Gifts

Yesterday a package arrived from my friends Odie and Linda from The Simple Life.  I was surprised and delighted when I opened the heavy box. Inside appeared item after item of thoughtful gifts, from a collection of the most heavenly smelling scents, a fall delicacy fit for company, lovely notepads and energy boosting vitamins. Elliot loved the Crazerasers, especially because they are like little toys he can also use as school supplies.  He used to be dismayed about making mistakes in his spelling, but now he's having fun erasing errors with a barn and a tractor.  Receiving this box of love made me realize how generosity grows from receiving.  I realized that I have not been as generous as I could be with my family and friends.  Receiving instilled a sense of gratitude, a mind set of abundance and propelled me into thinking more about generosity.  With all the negative talk about a devastated economy, I think I've developed the habit of walking around with tightly clenched fists, just trying to hold on.  Perhaps I've been like Ebeneezer Scrooge.

So today I want to send a big thank you to Odie and Linda for hosting the giveaway and for being so thoughtful.  Many of you who visit me here also know and love them too.

In other news, I have received the official contract for the writer and illustrator workshop for homeschoolers and will meet with the director to sign my name on the dotted line!  I can't believe this is real.   Also, things are picking up in the etsy shop, as it is the season for costumes.  I hope to keep all of these different activities in balance and still make time to breathe, to love, to absorb life going on and the change of seasons.  The woods and parks are calling to me from my window, with gentle temperatures and dappled sunlight.

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