Sunday, September 11, 2011

You know you're having fun when your hands are dirty!

"You know you're having fun when your hands are dirty" said Elliot, while making a mud lake in the space that used to be the garden. 

Later, he holds up a fat white grub between his forefinger and thumb for me to examine.

"I think I found a grug. Does daddy know what these things are?"

"Yes, and so do I.  You found a very nice sized grub."

"Can you eat grubs?"  He asks, while thrusting the creature towards my nose.

"Yes, but only if you're starving.  We don't eat grubs around here."

"How about fried?" 

"No, Elliot, we are not going to eat that grub.  He's very good for the garden."

"I think he's dead.  Wouldn't it be okay to eat him if he's dead?" 

"Elliot, I'm not hungry for a grub and if you keep insisting on this, please take it up with daddy."

Now, I know I'm in trouble when I say this because Richard is an extreme survivalist.  He could live in the wild, and has in the past, with very little provisions and a few simple tools.  He plans to teach Elliot how to find edible things in nature.  Which can be dangerous, especially when foraging for mushrooms. 

I realize that this is a wonderful skill to have.  Especially since we love to take Elliot hiking.  But thank you God, for the daily BREAD.

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