Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Hannah

There is a girl named Hannah who is five and who loves to pretend to be a unicorn.  After talking with her mom through Etsy, I created this special package for her Easter gift.  Yesterday Elliot and I took it to the post office.  It seemed like an ordinary thing to do.  But it really isn't so ordinary.  How extraordinary to be creating things for the encouragement of a child's imagination.  I'm very humbled that I am able to do this, and truly thankful that despite loads of insecurity, I keep going, thinking of ways to make a package of Knees and Paws the best they could possibly be.  One item not shown here will become a standard item included in every purchase.  Instead of an ordinary thank you card, I've made miniature thank you books out of watercolor paper and black ink.  From the cover to the inside pages, the book reads

Thank You

Especially handmade for (child's name)

Thank you for supporting your child's imagination.

Thank you for supporting a mom who works from home.

Thank you for supporting innovation and handmade.

People like you add love and energy to the world.

With Love,  Knees and Paws

Here's Hannah's Unicorn:

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