Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Hannah

There is a girl named Hannah who is five and who loves to pretend to be a unicorn.  After talking with her mom through Etsy, I created this special package for her Easter gift.  Yesterday Elliot and I took it to the post office.  It seemed like an ordinary thing to do.  But it really isn't so ordinary.  How extraordinary to be creating things for the encouragement of a child's imagination.  I'm very humbled that I am able to do this, and truly thankful that despite loads of insecurity, I keep going, thinking of ways to make a package of Knees and Paws the best they could possibly be.  One item not shown here will become a standard item included in every purchase.  Instead of an ordinary thank you card, I've made miniature thank you books out of watercolor paper and black ink.  From the cover to the inside pages, the book reads

Thank You

Especially handmade for (child's name)

Thank you for supporting your child's imagination.

Thank you for supporting a mom who works from home.

Thank you for supporting innovation and handmade.

People like you add love and energy to the world.

With Love,  Knees and Paws

Here's Hannah's Unicorn:


  1. Oh, Jenny- this makes me want to be a kid again, to put on the unicorn accessories and actually be one again! That little girl, Hannah, is such a blessed girl to receive that package and I can only imagine her delight as she opens it for the first time. The thank you book is genius and models the art of thankfulness for kids and parents alike. Elliot is learning such great things as he walks this journey with you.

    I wish somehow you could put a little video camera into each package to record the expressions on each face as your packages are opened.

    Have a wonderful day my friend- your kayak awaits!

  2. Awww! That was so nice, thank you Shelly! You're such a supportive and kind friend.

  3. I'll tell you what. If every parent, teacher, preacher and politician would use words like yours that validate, nurture and empower young people, the world would be in great shape.

    We're playing those mind games together
    Pushing the barriers, planting seeds
    Playing the mind guerrilla
    Chanting the mantra, peace on earth

    Love is the answer and you know that for sure
    Love is a flower, you got to let it, you got to let it grow

    So keep on playing those mind games together
    Doing the ritual dance in the sun
    Millions of mind guerrillas
    Putting their soul power to the karmic wheel
    Keep on playing those mind games forever
    Raising the spirit of peace and love

    Thank goodness there are people like you in the world, Jenny.

    1. Wow Tom! Thank you! I'm listening to John Lennon sing that song right now. I hadn't heard it before, but I love it.
      Thank goodness for people like you too!

  4. What a darling outfit, one every little girl would love! The thank you card is special too. I've never looked at your store but I will now. All my grandchildren are teens, but one day I will be a great-grandma!

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I love the unicorn outfit [adorable] I'm sure she will look very cute in it.
    Have a lovely day! Big hugs



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