Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's been an emotionally challenging few weeks.  Suddenly I've come down with a virus.  Perhaps it's a signal to slow down and rest.  So that's what I'll be doing until my strength returns and my head is clear.

I might even order all the groceries online and let kind, hard working folks load them in my car.

I'll surely let go of all the things that I've been working so hard to keep up.

Because even if the children and pets leave the house messy, I'm sitting here in my own home with the roof and walls intact, feeling sad for those who've lost everything to tornadoes.    My prayers and intentions are with those who now have to bury their loved ones and rebuild their lives.

I would like to be positive, chipper and happy, with bright sunny language and golden bubbles of thought.  But sometimes I think it's more important to just be myself.  When you're feeling weak the laughter doesn't arrive easily.  

Yet, I have a memory of a certain place that fills me with comfort.

When you're left without immediate access to a direct experience of joy, it's good therapy to simply rest and remember.  In my mind, I'm at Jockey's Ridge state park on the coast of North Carolina.  This little pocket of desert, with dunes and steady ocean breezes makes my heart lighter and my mind clear.  Just the thought of this place makes me relax and feel good.  Even if I'm not hang gliding there, I love to simply hike those hills and look out over the expansive ocean.

This is my favorite picture of Elliot


  1. I understand, Jenny. I'm sorry you caught a virus. I'm in a similar place right now. As I wrote to another friend recently, I'm okay... not great... but okay. When you look around and see the misery and despair that others are experiencing you realize that okay is pretty great. Take care of yourself, dear friend. Rest, keep warm, drink liquids and allow your thoughts to drift away to that perfect day at the beach.

  2. Hi Shady, I'm sorry to hear that you're also under the weather. Healing thoughts are being sent your way!

  3. I hope you will soon be feeling much better, Jenny, but you are very wise to give yourself a break and, some time out, until that happens. It's always a great comfort to have a happy space to retreat to while your body is getting on with the business of healing itself. I personally think that sometimes, when we get sick, it's our over stressed bodies demanding a break and if we heed the message, we can allow ourselves to heal on all levels and feel very much stronger and better equipped to pick up from where we left off, afterwards. So, take care, be gentle to yourself and set aside all worries. Big hug xoxo

  4. I'm so sorry that you've been hit with that. (Shady, too!) You're right- sometimes our bodies send signals for protection and self preservation. Stop, slow down, take some deep breaths. I'm glad you're going to do that. All the other is just...stuff.

    I know my prayers have joined yours in those folks who have had such devastation from the storms. As it unfolds, I am once again amazed and grateful that we still have people in this country with such sacrificial courage.

    The pics of Elliot are precious, and I can see how much he's grown after looking at the more recent pics.

    Get the some chicken soup and rest, my friend.

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon; it is no fun to be sick...especially for an extended period of time. Great advice though~great reminder to be thankful in all circumstances! I love the pictures. What a great time.
    Keep up the God work.

  6. Yes Jenny we all understand and that is one awesome picture of Elliot. I have driven past that area many times but never actually got on the dunes. Sorry you are not feeling well and hope it passes quickly.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you've come down with a virus, hope you will feel better soon.
    I love the photos, looks nice and relaxing.

  8. Hi Jenny. So sorry to hear that you're not feeling good at the moment. A virus can be a really nasty thing. I really do pray that you will be feeling well again very soon, but you are certainly doing the right thing, by letting go of things at the moment. Elliot looks so sweet in those photos. I always love the beach, and that place really does look awesome. I can quite see why just thinking about it makes you feel a little brighter. Take good care of yourself my friend. It's so good to be back!! Hugs and healing thoughts coming your way x

  9. have a good rest and enjoy that online shopping!

  10. Your pics are beautiful and reminiscent of our Oregon dunes. Wonderful shots of Elliot, he looks 3/4 years old there? Some claim laughter is the best medicine, however I believe that doses can be hard to swallow at times. Warm wishes for a speedy recov Jenny.

  11. I really enjoyed these pictures, Jenny! I've never been to North Carolina, but it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit. I hope you're feeling better soon - I hate being down with a bug!

  12. I hope you will be feeling better soon, we all need Spring to arrive and soon.


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