Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It's been an emotionally challenging few weeks.  Suddenly I've come down with a virus.  Perhaps it's a signal to slow down and rest.  So that's what I'll be doing until my strength returns and my head is clear.

I might even order all the groceries online and let kind, hard working folks load them in my car.

I'll surely let go of all the things that I've been working so hard to keep up.

Because even if the children and pets leave the house messy, I'm sitting here in my own home with the roof and walls intact, feeling sad for those who've lost everything to tornadoes.    My prayers and intentions are with those who now have to bury their loved ones and rebuild their lives.

I would like to be positive, chipper and happy, with bright sunny language and golden bubbles of thought.  But sometimes I think it's more important to just be myself.  When you're feeling weak the laughter doesn't arrive easily.  

Yet, I have a memory of a certain place that fills me with comfort.

When you're left without immediate access to a direct experience of joy, it's good therapy to simply rest and remember.  In my mind, I'm at Jockey's Ridge state park on the coast of North Carolina.  This little pocket of desert, with dunes and steady ocean breezes makes my heart lighter and my mind clear.  Just the thought of this place makes me relax and feel good.  Even if I'm not hang gliding there, I love to simply hike those hills and look out over the expansive ocean.

This is my favorite picture of Elliot

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