Monday, March 19, 2012

Stories lead to Action

Why do people write stories?  Although it makes no practical sense to attempt entry into a completely saturated children's market, I still feel compelled to try.  I've taken a few baby steps with my little children's story and realized that nothing unsolicited will be accepted for consideration.  With ink the price of caviar, I'd rather not have my story take up more landfill space.  I also learned that nearly every publishing company will not accept children's fiction.  So my story is now including  a cross cultural examination of a holiday tradition practiced around the globe.  It offers a creative answer as to why we practice a certain tradition, and why other cultures do this too.  It also will include a non fiction portion demonstrating the art that has come out of this particular tradition and tutorials for beginners.  I'm having a blast doing the research.  I've also learned that in order to write about something with any authority, I must know how to practice the art that I'm talking about.  So I might have a new hobby!  Writing has led to more crafting, and a new lesson to include in our home school. 

Another big event has occurred with surprising speed.  The kayak of my intention is now sitting in our garage.  I fully expected to save for at least another month before I was able to purchase one, but the exact kayak we needed (a tandem with a third seat for a child) popped up on craigslist over the weekend.  I sent an inquiry, and it was still available!   It was even less than I was expecting to pay!  We are all very excited to be able to go out on the lake that is within a mile of our house.  For eight years we have lived so close to this lake, walking the trails around it, wishing we could be out on the water, getting relief from the pressing heat of summer.  This will be the year!

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