Monday, March 12, 2012

No need to run

Contrary to this title, I literally have a need to run after two weeks of being inhabited by an alien life form, otherwise known as the common cold. The title of this post is not about the kind of running one does for strength and weight control.  It's about the kind of running one does from memories of the past. 

There's something in my past too personal for this medium of blogging. Without going into specific details, there was a collection of experiences lasting many years that set up a pattern of running.   No, I'm not running from the law (my life is not as exciting as a movie).

During a recent conversation with a close friend about my experience, I realized upon waking today that for some unexplained reason, I no longer feel like I need to run from the memory.  I'm completely surprised by the discovery that I am separate from those feelings once felt.

As the feelings once felt are now a memory detached from a "re run" experience of the emotion, I'm free.

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