Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pottery and Pysanka, Babies and a Pony!

It's been a wild weekend full of stormy weather here in Greensboro.  The ground is saturated and the birds are filling the air with twittering, long calls, repetitive chants and screeching.  The dogwoods are fleshed out in bloom, while the flowering cherries and redbuds are dropping petals that make colorful puddles on the sidewalks and streets.

Two new babies were born on both sides of our family this weekend.  A baby boy on Richard's side, and a girl on my side. 

We also have a new neighbor.  A family who lives on our street built a handsome corral and adopted a beautiful Shetland pony. 

  Spring is arriving and rushing on with so much activity that I'm filled with an urgent sense of purpose and a happy heart.  I've decided to change my daily mantra from "something good is going to happen today" to "many good things are happening today."

Richard and I were also gifted with time for a date night.  We ventured out after last night's hail storm to see The Hunger Games. This movie was incredibly dark, gruesome and chilling.  It gave me an eerie, repulsed feeling, especially during scenes where the audience on the screen claps and cheers at the spectacle of children killing children for tribute to this futuristic and sick society's government.  On the other hand, I enjoyed the incredible tension and fast pace, the beautiful Katniss and her brave decision to voluntarily sacrifice her life and to defy the elitist regime by walking a thin line between compliance and subversive rebellion.

Sometimes life feels so complicated and my head so full, that I need to sit down and quietly work on a project.  It helps to clear the mind chatter and calm the soul.  This time, instead of going to the sewing machine, I opened my first Psyanka kit from the Ukranian Gift shop and worked with messy dye, beeswax, a tiny handmade tool called a kistka and an egg.

 Here is Elliot's bowl from his pottery class holding my first Pysanka egg.  

Here's to all the wonderful things that come with Spring.  I hope you are enjoying it too.

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