Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pottery and Pysanka, Babies and a Pony!

It's been a wild weekend full of stormy weather here in Greensboro.  The ground is saturated and the birds are filling the air with twittering, long calls, repetitive chants and screeching.  The dogwoods are fleshed out in bloom, while the flowering cherries and redbuds are dropping petals that make colorful puddles on the sidewalks and streets.

Two new babies were born on both sides of our family this weekend.  A baby boy on Richard's side, and a girl on my side. 

We also have a new neighbor.  A family who lives on our street built a handsome corral and adopted a beautiful Shetland pony. 

  Spring is arriving and rushing on with so much activity that I'm filled with an urgent sense of purpose and a happy heart.  I've decided to change my daily mantra from "something good is going to happen today" to "many good things are happening today."

Richard and I were also gifted with time for a date night.  We ventured out after last night's hail storm to see The Hunger Games. This movie was incredibly dark, gruesome and chilling.  It gave me an eerie, repulsed feeling, especially during scenes where the audience on the screen claps and cheers at the spectacle of children killing children for tribute to this futuristic and sick society's government.  On the other hand, I enjoyed the incredible tension and fast pace, the beautiful Katniss and her brave decision to voluntarily sacrifice her life and to defy the elitist regime by walking a thin line between compliance and subversive rebellion.

Sometimes life feels so complicated and my head so full, that I need to sit down and quietly work on a project.  It helps to clear the mind chatter and calm the soul.  This time, instead of going to the sewing machine, I opened my first Psyanka kit from the Ukranian Gift shop and worked with messy dye, beeswax, a tiny handmade tool called a kistka and an egg.

 Here is Elliot's bowl from his pottery class holding my first Pysanka egg.  

Here's to all the wonderful things that come with Spring.  I hope you are enjoying it too.


  1. I love your descriptions of spring and the abounding blessings of new life, Jenny! The blooms are beautiful, as are the whole shots. Congratulations on the new babies, as well! So much to look forward to!

    My daughter read The Hunger Games trilogy and has been after me to read it. I've been hesitant, the same way I am about the movie.

    The Pysanka egg is really neat- I'd never heard of the kit before. Do you order it online? We're going to be making several dozen cascarones (confetti eggs) and I enjoy that process, but this looks more detailed and maybe too much for a non-art person like me!

    Your new mantra is great, and I've already started saying it to myself. Have a wonderful rest of the Sunday, my friend!

  2. It's none of my beeswax, Jenny, but where have you been? :) Your optimistic post is a welcome sight. Only a few hours ago I checked my blog roll to make sure I hadn't missed several of yours. Noticing that it had been days since your last entry I feared that you might be dealing with some new crisis. I am very pleased to find you well and sharp as a tack.

    A squall line pushed through my region this morning in the predawn dark bringing much needed rain and greening the lawns.

    Thanks for the review of The Hunger Games. I've seen the trailer and am more eager than ever to take the full ride.

    I am so happy to know that you silenced your mind's chatter by sitting peacefully and fashioning that beautiful Ukrainian Easter egg which looks perfect nestled inside Elliot's handsome bowl. Here's wishing you an excellent week ahead, dear friend!

  3. Loved this post that Pysanka egg is pretty and Elliot's bowl is lovely it is things like that, that hold special places in our hearts.......

    I have no plans to see the movie The Hunger Games

  4. I'm pretty sure Hunger Games would upset me so I'm giving it a pass. It isn't far from truth since the Romans used to have people fight to the death for the amusement of the masses.

    I love it when spring comes; I already find myself feeling happier. Your egg is just wonderful. It must be hard work! I like, 'Many good things are happening today.' That is certainly true. Even a small thing like making a sandwich feels good.

  5. Oh, I so agree with you Jenny. Spring is such a wonderful season, bursting with hope and new life all around us. Spring blossoms are such a blessing, don't you think?! Two new little lives in your families as well - how wonderful! Not sure that I would enjoy that film though! I love Elliot's bowl and your little egg is lovely. Beautifully decorated. A lovely, positive post for us today and, yes, many good things are going to happen today! Amen to that my friend.

  6. After this post, I want to live there! Pysanka eggs are so lovely - you did a great job on yours. It's amazing how intricate the experts can make them. Works of art. And a Shetland pony! We had one when my kids were young - her name was Cricket. She would untie the kids shoes and love peanut butter sandwiches. She was so kind to small children - so careful with them. All of my kids learned to ride on her. But let a chicken try to take some of her hay? She'd stomp them to death! But she had the most lovely long golden eyelashes. Wish I could have her back...


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