Saturday, December 3, 2011

Festival of Lights

Last night we were out on the town, enjoying Greensboro's annual Festival of Lights.  It was a mild night and the streets were packed with smiling people, who gathered in Center City Park for the tree lighting ceremony, live music, caroling and ice skating. 

Growing up in a rural area, I find my life near our city to be exciting and strangely comforting.  Reflecting on my past ventures into cities like Flint or Detroit, the cities of my childhood lack a certain vibe that exists here.  Of course, both of those cities I mentioned have a huge reputation for violence and economic hardship, but as I'm from Michigan they are places that shaped my worldview.  And while I have an idealistic and romanticized view of my adopted city of Greensboro, I'm even more in love with North Carolina's state capital, Raleigh.  This year we have made plans to take a train to Raleigh on New Years Eve to experience the cultural explosion of the First Night Festival.  It is becoming a family tradition that we all love.   

Do you have places that you visit during the holidays that help you feel connected to your community? 

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