Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jenny's NOW list for getting the heck out and doing something crazy.

P.S.  Remember my self made stereotype? The one where I am a homebody who loves the comfort of safe activities?  This week I put some thought into breaking that mold and made my NOW list.  Despite never seeing The Amazing Race, I was inspired by Phil Keogan's book No Opportunity Wasted.  So the structure of the list is based on Keogan's structure.

For those of you who are familiar with my irrational fear of  Black Bears and hiking in wilderness areas where they are plentiful, you'll know how difficult it was for me to commit to the first entry:

1.  Face your fear:   Embark on a back country hiking trip where Black Bears are known to roam.
(I need to eradicate my phobia that was developed over the course of a five day hike in the Shenandoah where we encountered 17 bears, their den, and even a mother with a cub while on the way to the outhouse). More on that story here and here .

2.  Get Lost:  I was lost on the streets of Paris when I was sixteen, a situation that ended well because of faith.  I don't enjoy being lost; in fact I have experienced severe anxiety attacks in situations of disorientation.  To actively pursue the feeling of "lost" makes me weak.  So for this exercise, I'm going to need a plan and an idea...I'm completely lost on this one!  If you're interested in my Paris experience, click here to read my memoir in post it notes.

3. Test Your Limits:  Become a certified hang gliding pilot. Click here to see me in training!

4.  Take a Leap of Faith:  Start a new business with the lantern houses.

5.  Rediscover your childhood:  Take up roller skating on a regular basis.

6.  Shed your inhibitions/express yourself: relearn my French horn and play for an audience. (I wonder if a little video on the blog counts?)

7.  Break new ground:  Write a book on risk taking and romantic love in marriage.

8.  Aim for the Heart:  Help someone to achieve a dream.  (I'm not sure who or what this is yet.)

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