Thursday, March 24, 2011


     I admit it freely: I am not a big goal setter.  It was only in the last year that I started to regularly use a calendar.  As Bill Bryson says, "life is more fun if you can treat it like a series of impulses."  This, from a guy who is actually very successful, having written loads of popular books and traveled the world.   But I wonder, is it really possible to be impulsive while also being respected and financially secure?

     I am inspired by two main things:  avoiding serious discomfort and experiencing satisfaction. I don't even have to be happy all the time.  Reasonably satisfied is an okay way to glide through life.  Lately, I feel like I'm more on target with Buddhist notions about staying in the center.

    But is this a consequence of turning 40?  I will reach that milestone in a few weeks.  I would love to go out and spoil myself with a new spring wardrobe but have suddenly realized that my shape is not what it once was.  I am caught between wanting to have fresh new styles but hating the teenage junk that's on the racks.  And who will see me besides my family, the people at the library or the post office?  I have been so conservative with gas that I don't just jump in the car and take rides to new locations anymore.  I've become boring!  My idea of being impulsive these days is to dig a little fish pond in the back yard for Elliot.  And hope that I don't pay for it with a sore back.  North Carolina soil is hard, red clay.

    Thank goodness my daughter is coming home for spring break.  I need to remember what it feels like to be youthful and to experience impulsiveness again through her animated story telling.
        Today is day two of spring cleaning.  I think I turned a corner yesterday by getting through the kitchen pantry (which is also a store room) and my walk in closet...I donated everything that didn't fit and gave up hope of fitting into the skinny jeans!  Which was liberating.  I hope you enjoy your weekend and have lots of sunshine and spring joy~

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