Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Press the Moon Button

This character is named "Elliot"  He is surprised to find himself on the moon.
 Elliot finds that walking on the moon is difficult because of the bulky suit, the air tank, and the lack of "a lot of gravity".  He is surprised to discover that "there are no aliens, as usual."
When he returns home after a scary experience that involved a crack in his shield, he tells a reporter about his adventure.

This is a story about a boy who learns to ride a bike after years of practicing.  He ends up riding all the way to a city where he discovers a skyscraper.  Upon entering this tall building, he walks into an elevator.  In the elevator, there is a sign that says
"Press the Moon Button"
The rest of the story tells of what happens after the fateful moment when he presses the the button.

After Elliot started telling and writing this story, he kept thinking of things to add.  In then end, to my great surprise and delight, he ended up with well over 200 words.

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