Friday, March 4, 2011

A Special Thank You To Corinne

Dear Corinne,
     Your review of Knees and Paws that appeared this morning on your awesome blog  was incredibly supportive and positive.  You could have made a straight list of pro's and con's, but you didn't.  You could have photographed the items on the floor instead of on the children.  You could have complained about any number of little issues that I need to improve upon.  Criticism is something that is supposed to make us strive and perform at higher levels than we thought possible...
I took a risk in asking you for this review.  I was nervous.  But I was also thinking that this journey has to be based on reality and not my ego, which often lies.
So if, in several weeks, you decide to mention any drawbacks, I will appreciate those comments too.
Thank you for helping to support independent, hand made businesses.  I value your commitment to this "revolution" which we turn away from mass produced items to consider things from home.
Many, many thanks for sharing Knees and Paws with your readers today.  Even more thanks for the great comments and support you give here, on the blog.   I appreciate our new friendship, a growing, blooming thing that delights me. 
With Love,

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