Friday, March 11, 2011

Weaknesses into Strengths

  Language and information bubbles around us, as we swim in a soup of facts, ideas, philosophies and opinions. We are media saturated.  And given that we are enmeshed in the exchange, it takes bull-headed determination to remain faithful to one's internal thoughts and voice. Luckily, being bull-headed is my natural attribute.  But often I feel like my interaction with the internet is similar to shopping in a bargain basement flea market.  Lots of stuff to sift through in the search for something valuable.  It can leave a person feeling defeated and mind-numb.

    Yesterday, I just needed a break.  I turned from my computer screen but found myself needing a print fix, so I picked up a book.  It was the only thing to do since I was experiencing an episode of mild food poisoning.  I had taken Elliot out to lunch as a way to add variety to our routine, but ended up spending the rest of the day on the couch with Bryson's Neither Here Nor There.  At first, I was amused by his comical storytelling, but midway through, I realized that this guy's journey around Europe felt pointless and sad.   I haven't finished it and I probably won't. 

     While I read, Elliot watched PBS.  I'm not sure what program was on, but I heard the phrase, "turn your weaknesses into strengths".   This was something I'd heard a long time ago, but never fully appreciated.  Then, this morning, I read the same thing on the Triumph and Tears Blog.

     I think God knows that my weakness is that I don't really listen to Him the first time.  He always has to repeat Himself.  So, this time I am going to take the hint.  I am going to examine a few weaknesses and attempt to turn them into strengths.

     Despite my weakness being that I don't listen the first time,  I have been attempting to help Elliot turn a weakness into a strength since we started home education.  After that terrible first grade conference when the teacher told me that Elliot could not write properly, he has just finished writing a 200 word story for the Go! Writer's Contest.  After the April 29 deadline has passed I will post some pictures of his work.  Our goal was to show Elliot the amazing progress he's made in his writing skills.  I am proud of his accomplishment. I am truly delighted that he is now writing sentences that are neatly written.  Every week, there is improvement. 

   It reminds me that there are things within each one of us that we didn't know were there.  It makes me wonder what I have yet to find within myself. 

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