Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring or Winter?

Spring snow happened in North Carolina yesterday.  It was amazing to see the huge flakes and hear the sound of my son jumping out of bed to announce this miracle.

It seems like we were just out in the back yard, digging a deep hole for a little fish pond and turning over a layer of soil for the vegetable garden.  It's frustrating to be going strong on a project only to have it stalled. I wonder if I have become a person of leisure to let a few snowflakes stop me from a rigorous outdoor project.  Instead of dressing warmer and going out anyway, I talked Richard into buying a box of wood for the fireplace and we sat inside on a quilt, cuddling for an entire day.   It was truly restorative for the soul.  But when I woke up I realized that all that laying around for no reason is not good for the body.
We should have practiced playing catch instead!

Today we will go out and enjoy the lovely dogwood trees in bloom.  Perhaps we'll take a snack and head for the woods.  We've been learning about truffles, how they grow on the roots of oak trees...and that some people are selling them for $800.00 a pound!  Perhaps its time to teach the dog a new trick!

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