Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pop Up Playground

There is a grassroots movement happening now that I love.  It's all about families with children coming out to play.  I am borrowing this picture from Kaboom's website today in the hopes that it inspires us to think more about inventive ways to create communities where children can play with one another outside, in their neighborhoods.   In this picture, kids have been generously supplied with a variety of items that they can use to build their own pop-up play ground.  It is just the type of play that I used to do growing up.  The pop up playground here is more than just a playground.  Designed by the children, it suddenly becomes a street festival where imagination lives.  I want to do something like this in my community.  For more info, please check out the Kaboom! Hot Topics in Play page on this blog. Or click on this link:

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