Monday, June 20, 2011

A boy and his frog

Elliot found this frog in the creek that runs behind his grandma's house.  After playing with him for a day, he returned him safely to his natural environment.  Afterwards, Elliot kept talking about the frog, wishing that he could have one for a pet.

Today, we decided to clean out our mini pond in the back.   Normally we don't need to do this, but it was so full of soil that our fountain was clogged.  So, we emptied it.  Two exciting things were discovered.  First, the fish had grown to three times their size.  And second, when we were nearly at the bottom, we saw something splashing in the murky bottom. 
It was a small frog, just like the one at grandma's.  While I rinsed the fountain, he held the frog in his hands and said, "today I'm the luckiest boy in the world."               

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