Sunday, June 5, 2011

A letter to my blogging friends

Dear friends,

It's sometimes unacknowledged how much I appreciate you.
I not only appreciate you, but I'm truly grateful for your kind comments and steady presence. It's not often that I discover a situation in life where people follow the golden rule to "do unto others what you would have done to you."  If I were one to create an award button, I'd make one that says "Golden Rule Blogger." A golden rule blogger visits often enough to become a familiar friend.  Even when I haven't visited or commented on your blogs in the immediate past, I'll find that you have come here anyway. I know that for many of you there are long lists of people to visit along your blogging journey.  And I'm not really telling a story here.   Many times the posts I write are not intended for an audience but are written so that I can remember what this part of my life was like.  

For example, today Elliot said something in response to an idea I shared that I want to remember forever.  I want to remember that when he was six years old, we were watching our elderly neighbor water his garden on a 90 degree day.  The gentleman was wearing faded jeans and a straw hat. He was standing in the path of the sprinkler, getting himself wet to cool down.   When Elliot commented on this by saying "Mr. ____ is standing in his sprinkler!"  I said that every person has a little child within them, no matter how old they are.   Mr. _____  has a little boy inside who loves the water on a hot day, just like you."

After thinking about this for a little while, Elliot said "if that's true then I have a grown-up inside me." 
I enthusiastically said "Yes! Yes!  You understand! It's the "potential Elliot." The person you will be is already within."

I also want to remember that this conversation happened shortly after Elliot had his heart broken by a boy whom he thought was his friend.   

Which might have made him more open to seeing people of different ages as more compassionate friends than his peers. 

Our differences bring us closer together.  The pictures and stories that you share from your part of the world make my worldview more expansive than it ever was.  Your thoughts cause me to be more thoughtful and appreciative of things that I never stopped to notice. 


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