Friday, June 24, 2011

Caring for myself amid chaos

Summer is chaos sometimes.  Activity piled on activity.  Travel. Heat. Injury.  Expectations.  Emotions.
I am doing my best to stay in the moment and care for myself during the ups and downs and the chaos of family life.  After two months of suffering from an injury due to a bike accident, I finally went to the doctor.  I can't tell you what a relief it is to know the exact cause of my pain.  It turns out that my irritability and pain is due to an "impinged" shoulder.  Which means that my shoulder has gone into a spasm, creating a huge bump near my neck and squeezing the nerves. 
Thank goodness for my beautiful, intelligent doctor who immediately gave me a steroid shot, muscle relaxers, tylenol, and a topical cream.  I can already feel improvement.
I'm working today on several orders that came into the shop this week.  It is a blessing to have work and to have a day to myself.  Richard took Emily and Elliot out shopping so that I can work and recover.  I am listening to my favorite music, sitting comfortably in the air conditioning, being thankful for solitude and the good sense to remember that I need to take time to heal properly instead of throwing myself into a million tasks.
I've also been thinking about my identity crisis.  After reading something about multiple streams of income, I realize that it's possible to embrace all the different facets of my skills, experiences and desires and to turn them into something that sustains me.   So I started a little herb garden and bought fabric to make a totally new product that I'll share with you in the next few weeks.  I also brought out my french horn last night and entertained my kids.  I was shocked to realize that Emily loved what I played.  I'm excited about this because I have so many weird little hobbies that a teen age girl might scoff at....but she was saying things like "that was AWESOME" while I played my horn along to the opening song on The Who's Tommy.  I told her that horns aren't just for the orchestra, but for rock too!
I hope you all are having a great week...

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