Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is where I'll be

After reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, I have become more aware of things that trigger uplifting feelings.  These triggers are fleeting, but add to my over all sense of contentment.   If I've learned anything from Rubin, it's that happiness is a process that continues through appreciation for these moments, while exploring them on a deeper level.

I've also learned that for me, exploration and discovery are things that bring happiness.  Even if I'm simply discovering more about my habits.  My routines, while making me an efficient machine,  tend to lead to a lifestyle of a mom who is going through the motions on a functioning, low-level, basic existence.      

I wake up, walk downstairs, kiss my handsome and kind husband, make coffee, fix an English muffin with honey or peanut butter, and wander to this corner and sit in front of this screen.           And write little things.

And read.    

This makes me happy overall.  But just this morning I realized that the sun is up earlier, making for a beautiful light blue sky.  The air feels fresh at this hour and the cat is friendly.   My little sun deck feels comfortable.  Birds have begun their singsongs.  It is the most peaceful, pleasant hour to be outdoors in this oppressively humid southern state.
Which means that I might have to change my routine.  Set another time for blogging.
Which is difficult because once Elliot is awake there are too many distractions for written thought.

So if I'm not here as often, this is where I'll be.
This is our covered porch which we use for our classroom and for summer evening entertaining.

I would love to have new furniture for the arbor, but haven't yet found a replacement.

Elliot's playground, a shady oasis from the hot baked yard.
This is the mini pond that Elliot helped me build.
We've had many wonderful evenings with friends around our fire.

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