Monday, June 27, 2011

Ideas come in clusters

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by today.  I am developing a few new products for the shop because I have long wanted to act on the cluster of ideas surrounding Knees and Paws.  So today I present the new "Doggie Bed For Kids who love to play dogs"
 Although of course, a small dog might like this bed too!  I hope that it finds its way to the child who loves to play pretend.

There is also one new product that I'm working on that is unrelated to Knees and Paws. Due to the fact that I am giving the first one away as a surprise gift, I cannot share it with you until later in the week.  I've been very busy at the machine, filling orders and squeezing in time to make new items.  Please forgive the lack of introspection in my post today.  Perhaps you will enjoy the break from my ever rambling thoughts!

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