Wednesday, June 1, 2011



Where did you go?

Here's the truth:  I am a northerner at heart.  I love snow and crisp fresh air.  I love rain showers and cool breezes.  I've even developed affection for cloudy days.

95 degrees is a little much for me.

It's so early in the year for this to happen, day after day.

And even if The Last American Man says that the weather is always doing what it is supposed to do, I'm having a hard time adjusting to the change.

I feel sensitive to change more than I used to.  It seems that I can spend a full day cleaning, sorting, arranging, refreshing, preparing a delightful meal and being on top of the world...
And have the next few days feeling like everything has suddenly moved out of place.  My order is wrecked.  The planet moved and shifted everything.

I feel this all the time.  Like I need to superglue everything into place. 

My mom used to say "I can never have anything NICE"

And I understand.  I have moments of NICE.  Moments when things are orderly, fresh and relaxing.  A flower that has not yet wilted in the vase.  A candle burning.  A breeze blowing.  A tablecloth centered and unwrinkled.   Dishes not piled.    Grass mowed.  Garden watered.  Toys picked up.  Fresh scents.


Why does everything seem to magically vibrate back into a state of mess?
Yet I am thankful...

My home could have been in Joplin.  Or Japan.  Or New Orleans.  Or New Zealand.  Or Afghanistan.

And it's really neat and orderly here^^^^^^

Which reminds me to embrace the chaos of living.

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