Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perhaps I shouldn't be writing today

Perhaps I shouldn't be writing today.  My head is swimmy and pounding.  So please excuse the disjointed use of language.  It's like writing on a ship at sea.  I'm not sure why I'm having headaches lately.  The last time one came on I spent an entire day on the bathroom floor.  I thought it was the flu.

The trouble with feeling this way is that I don't want to stop doing the things I have planned.  Elliot and I are scheduled to work at the library, I need to buy groceries, I have an order to fill and a new art project to start.  My house is spectacularly clean and organized and I want to enjoy it...because it never lasts.

Especially not as long as this scavenged find...

Last week we found a salvage shop in downtown Greensboro that is my new favorite place to visit. Since this discovery, I have decided not to fix up my home with new things anymore.  I've decided to make new uses for the beautiful old.  Last week Richard and I walked into a wonderful old brick building downtown with three stories and enjoyed every minute of unexpected sights.  I love going downtown.  And I loved being in this historic building with the dusty old smell and artifacts from homes that were scheduled for demolition.  We filled our car with an ancient baker's table that we plan to restore and use as our center island.  It is the missing piece that will complete the restoration of our kitchen.  Above it we'll rehang the iron rack that was made by our neighbor Tom, then add a few copper pots to catch the light.   Richard has plans to sand the wood top and put new legs on the bottom. 

We've also had to put in a new floor in the dining room.  Our new dog and cat made sure to help us achieve our dream of having a wood floor, since they forgot to take their bathroom needs outdoors.
Slowly, our home is returning to order and comfort.

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