Friday, July 1, 2011

Preparations underway

Here's just a sneak peek at our preparations for Elliot's party.  We decided months ago to create a Gem Mining experience for the children. Elliot loves crystals and enjoyed his visit to the Rose Creek Mine in Franklin, NC when we vacationed in the mountains.  He had so much fun that we purchased several bags of soil mixed with gems and crystals to take home.  Richard will be setting up a mining operation in one area of the back yard. (I've just been informed that this area will have an above ground "tunnel" with lights!)  The children will also get to take home their gems and crystals.

Emily and I have been working on setting up a carnival style concession stand where we will "sell" hot dogs, treats and plastic trinkets.  Several friends have been sending in great ideas on facebook.  I asked what they would include on the menu.  So far my favorite suggestions are fruit kabobs and frozen grapes, but I think we'll also include pop corn and cotton candy.

It has been said that anticipation increases our joy...

Today we are having a blast working together as a family in anticipation for the big day.

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